• Shahar Halevy

Special Delivery!

The PCs are tasked with delivering a package through the bustling city streets. A simple task, albeit on a tight schedule. What's the worst that could happen?

Roll once on each table below and combine the results to generate a package with a twist. I leave you with the fun part of figuring out how it all goes horribly wrong.

{Optionally, generate 2-3 quests for a fast-paced gaming session suited for filler or convention games, or as exposition to a new city for your players to explore}

Art by Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius
I wouldn't be so calm opening this one. Art by the late, great master Jean Giraud a.k.a Mœbius

The Package (d12)

1. Lock-box filled with angry wasps / vipers

2. Ancient tome teaching a forgotten martial art / anatomy / intricate automata

3. Coffin containing a mummified saint / hero / criminal

4. Scented note containing rune of power / last will / a chess move / the word "duck!"

5. Expensive carriage, passenger still inside (a noble child / brass automaton / multi-armed demon)

6. Exotic animal on a leash, can fly / breath lightning / inflate / pass through walls / teleport / eat most things

7. Masterwork rifle or crossbow, loaded / whispering a name / disassembled

8. Necklace of large green pearls

9. Rolled-up painting, actually a fake / intelligent / an enchanted prison-maze / famous stolen portrait

10. Simple iron box, filled with pure water / memories / air / white sand

11. Potted plant bearing strange fruit

12. Extremely talkative severed head

The Twist (d12)

1. Wet with fresh blood, alarms sounding off in the distance

2. Chased by cult members / artifact hunters / a bespectacled assassin

3. Trapped with poison / spell / explosives

4. The PCs are asked to withhold the delivery by a middleman / someone from the future / the package itself

5. Destination is under siege by an angry mob / the police / a line of other couriers

6. Destination extremely high / labyrinthine / dark / bureaucratic

7. People have mysterious accidents / good fortune when the package goes by

8. Package gradually getting hotter / growing heavier / dripping golden liquid / distorting surrounding architecture

9. Test by a potential employer / past enemy

10. Item is clearly the wrong one, obvious to any observer (and to the PCs)

11. Required for opening a door / a grand summoning ritual / commencing a party

12. The PCs (or someone matching their description) has already made the delivery

Art by Jean Giraud a.k.a Moebius
Another happy customer receives a package. More art by Mœbius

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